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All Set For The 2022 Minex Southern Region Expo


By Cecilia Chibaya

All is now set for the MINEX Southern Region Edition to be held at YAFM Radio Park in Zvishavane this coming Monday.

In an interview with Great Dyke News 24, Zimbabwe Mining Safety Health and Environmental Council (ZIMSHEC) Chairperson Makumba Nyenje who is also part of the organizers urged all small-scale miners within the Southern Region to attend the event so that they will learn about health and safety among others issues.

 “The 2022 Minex edition to be held at YAFM is different from other expos because it has been organized in collaboration with ZIMSHEC, an organization that started with the aim of enhancing safety and reducing mine accidents where small-scale miners work.

“As small-scale miners, we want to inform each other about the causes of mine accidents and the challenges faced in the underground mine.

“ZIMSHEC will work with other panellists to discuss issues of safety precautions and health principles at mines and the screening of workers to know their health status.

“Stakeholder suppliers for mercury and cyanide will also be educating miners about the handling of the products to ensure the safety of the mine workers, the general populace, the environment, and animals.

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“We are inviting all the small-scale miners and stakeholders to attend the Minex Expo to hear about the measures to take in order to reduce mine accidents,” he said.

He added that ZIMSHEC will also be discussing the issue of recruiting rescue teams when mine accidents occur. The School of Mines Training Institution will be there explaining who can be trained and how.

  The major aim of the MINEX Southern Region Expo is to bring small-scale miners together with mining value chain stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues in order to promote the growth of the mining sector. 

The key speaker for the conference is the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Hon Winston Chitando. Other speakers include Minex Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation President Henrietta Rushwaya who will speak on the formalization of small scale mining and the Provincial Mining Director Tariro Ndlovu who will address the issue of the conduciveness of the Zimbabwean mining policy to small-scale mining. An official from Mimosa will present on the use of geological surveys and other tools to ensure sustainable mining.

Other panellists include the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) NSSA, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), MBCU, ZIMRA, Fidelity Printers and Refiners, and the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA). Exhibitors will also be given time to present.

The Minex Southern Region will draw miners from Zvishavane, Mberengwa, Filabusi, Insiza, Gwanda, Shurugwi, Chirumhanzu, Gweru and Masvingo.


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