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Ariwamwari Wants To Play For Warriors

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By Obert Sithole

Munashe Ariwamwari Zimbabwean citizen who plays his professional football in the United States of America says he would love to play for his country if he is called up.

Ariwamwari is a nimble footed striker who enjoys dribbling past his markers leaving them gushing in awe. He plays for a side called Dekalb County United, however his desire to play for his beloved Warriors will have to wait a little bit longer after FIFA suspended Zimbabwe from all football matters.

But Ariwamwari is confident that once Zimbabwe is reinstated back into the football group of nations he will be able to make a break through.

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“For me to represent Zimbabwe will be a great pleasure. I was born in Zimbabwe although I left the country at a young age, there is just something about the place where one is born which makes it special. It’s something which resonates with me hence my desire to play for my country”, Ariwamwari said.

“Yes living in America is absolutely fantastic, it has wonderful systems but I can not forget where I come from.

So if an opportunity avails itself to me to play for my country I will grab it with both hands.”


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