Home News Copper Cable Theft Headache For Noelvale Residents

Copper Cable Theft Headache For Noelvale Residents

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By Collen Nikisi

Shabanie mine security have been called on to report copper cable thefts to the police as copper thefts in Noelvale and Birthday residential suburbs have risen.

Thieves are taking advantage of the 16 hour load shedding by ZESA to steal copper cables.

Last Sunday copper cable thieves stole a large chuck of copper cables close to where the Shabanie security Manager Cain Sibanda resides.

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Sibanda is accused of taking a casual approach to work and failure to report cases to the police as well as ignoring leads given by whistle blowers.

Concerned residents speak on theft of copper cables.

Copper cable thieves if caught can now spend 30years in prison if proven guilty.


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