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Fafed –Visit Palawani Lakeworld Resort


Michael Mhondoro

PalawanI Lakeworld Resort is located about 40 kilometres from Zvishavane and 15 kilometres along the road that branches off west from the Shurugwi-Zvishavane road in the Midlands province.

The resort strives to ensure individuals, groups, families and business leaders enjoy the best of its rare gem of nature through its seven stars which are Palawani Active, Kidsworld, Eden Retreat, Fishplus, Palawani Tours, Leadership Centre and Lakeworld activities. When you visit Palawani you get the best of Fun, Adventure and Food, or put simply, you get fafed.

Palawani active allows the individual to rekindle and re-energise through sports like beach volleyball, basketball, putt putt and many others that ensure that the body, mind and soul work in fruitful unison. The resort encourages walking or jogging on the lakeside which is both mentally and spiritually uplifting.

KidsWorld is an environment built to inspire, rejuvenate, question, and unlock the power of young people. Palawani trains life skills, teaches how to play Marimba, and the centre allows the children to play and learn. Palawani also has regular boot camps for these young leaders.

Eden Retreat offers luxury camp with all indoor amenities, including Dstv, this is called glamping. However, campers too are welcome. For those who lack camping equipment the resort provides, while for campers with their own kits a secure place is set aside.

In an interview with Great Dyke News, Priscilla Murewanhema said she enjoyed her stay at the resort.

“Palawani lake Resort in Zvishavane is the place to be. I had the privilege of spending two nights and could have easily stayed longer. It was awesome. The hosts were very friendly, made us welcome and were always there to assist. They have an excellent chef. The food is mouth-watering, from the eyes to the taste OMG,” she said.

 To cater for training needs the resort has a leadership centre where it brings experts to conduct team building sessions and strive to ensure the human asset is developed to its fullest potential.

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The founder of Young Miners Foundation, Payne Kupfurwa who visited the resort said they had a good time at Palawani during their camp.

 “The Leadership coaching sessions at Donhodzo Podium and the tent conference room…volleyball games in the sandbanks of the magnificent dam will remain unforgettable…it was my first experience to see a hippopotamus at such a close range…I was FAFED…Palawani Lakeworld Resort is the place to be…a true paradise,” he said.

The Lake world activities include boat rides, fishing and many aquatic sports. Since the lake and dam were established, water levels have not gone below 60 percent. The stretch of the lake from the centre of the resort to the dam wall is                                         17km of pure bliss.

 With the abundance of freshwater, the lake world resort specializes in fish. Through Fish Plus, Palawani built an exciting combination that has seen it combine, red, white meat and veggies into a fine offering of delicacies.

The Get fafed resort sources locally and strives to build an authentic and organic taste that leaves the taste buds not only wanting more but is healthy in both mind and body.

Lastly but not least among the seven-star offering, Palawni Tours enable visitors to be exposed to a wide array of offerings.

The name Palawani is derived from Paruware “a Shona name for long stretch of low level extruded granite rock. Palawani is a place of unimaginable beauty where wildlife still roams free and the air is pure.

The 17-km long lake and accompanying dam wall has escaped pollution from miners that dominate the Great Dyke, which runs parallel to it. While crocodiles are regularly sighted, they seem so well fed and thus generally spend days and nights submerged 45 meters below water. As territorial as hippos are known to be, the ones that have been seen, seem to be well mannered and keep a safe distance from locals.


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