Home Health Hailstorm Destroys Homes & Schools in Mberengwa

Hailstorm Destroys Homes & Schools in Mberengwa

File picture: Mberengwa Hailstorm (World Vision)

By Takudzwa Mahove

More than fifteen families at Vimbanai, Runyararo A, Hlalesekani and Batanai under Chief Bvute in Mberengwa are counting huge losses after heavy winds destroyed homes in the morning hours of last Thursday.

In separate interviews villagers, some of whom sustained injuries narrated what transpired at dawn on Thursday December 30th

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Mberengwa Ward 36 councillor Trevous Mlambo said local leadership was immediately alerted about the hailstorm which also left a trail of destruction at government owned Neta Secondary and Chomukonde primary school.                                   

Government has so far come to the rescue of the affected families with food aid while a bill of quantities is being collected to repair the damaged infrastructure.                      

The hailstorm also destroyed school infrastructure at Mahindi and Mabika primary schools.                                


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