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Man Accused Of Stealing Trust Property

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By Felunah Musonza

A 30-year-old Mandava man has appeared in court facing charges of theft of trust property.

It was the state’s case that Desire Zvoushe violated a trust agreement with Newton Basera which required him to fix the head cylinder of a Mercedes-Benz belonging to the complainant.

The court heard that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but between October 2021 to March 1st, 2022 Zvoushe was given a blue Mercedes-Benz to repair, and on the 25th of February 2022 Newton Basera visited the place where Zvoushe was repairing the vehicle and noticed that he had removed all parts of the vehicle without the owner’s knowledge.

The complainant then reported the case to the police which led to the arrest of Desire Zvoushe.

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On the other charge Between April 2021 to 3rd March 2022 the accused was given a black Mercedes-Benz to repair electrical faults on the vehicle.

The court heard that Onias Mutambirwa the owner of the vehicle visited the site where Desire was repairing the vehicle and noticed that almost every part of the vehicle was missing.

It was heard that the complainant visited the site again but could hardly find the accused as he told the second complainant that he was in Harare which led him to file a complaint against Desire to the police.

The detectives recovered an engine head from Pedzai Marufu, a battery was recovered from Phineas Nyahuma, and a rim was recovered from Tichaona Mpofu. The value of the stolen property is US$5 600 and the value recovered is US$1 200.

Magistrate Archie Wochiunga found Zvoushe guilty as charged, he is due in court again for sentencing.


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