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Man Arrested For Murder Of Wife & Two Children

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Police in Gweru have arrested a 38-year-old man on charges of murder as defined in section 47 of the criminal law codification and reform act chapter 9:23 after he allegedly murdered his wife and two children aged 6 and 11 months.

In a memorandum, the police said the murder occurred at house number 653 Woodlands Phase 1, Gweru on the 2nd of November 2021 at 1430hours.

It indicated that the accused Leo Kanyimo and deceased 1 Chipo Shava were husband and wife staying together with their children deceased 2 and 3, at house number 653 Woodlands phase 1 Gweru.

It added that circumstances are that on a fateful day at around 1430 hours a neighbour NAISON MATAVIRE aged 42, who was at his house heard the noise of people shouting for help. He went out to investigate and saw that the accused was dangerously holding deceased 3 by the mouth. The mob had gathered shouting that the accused had killed his wife and son.

The police memorandum indicated that MATAVIRE with the assistance of another neighbour went to the accused’s house, peeped through the bedroom window, and discovered that deceased 1 was lying on the bed and 2 on the floor and had already passed on. NAISON MATAVIRE then entered inside through the broken window and further noticed that another child TAPIWA KANYIMO approximately 5 years was lying unconsciously on the floor but alive and with no visible injuries.

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He then lifted him up and he gained consciousness and left him at house number 628 Woodlands Phase 1, Gweru with BARBRA TIGERE aged 53.

The informant then contacted the police who were in the vicinity and he assisted the police to arrest the accused who was very violent. The accused who seemed to be suffering from a mental disorder was then taken to ZRP Nehanda where he was detained.

The matter is being investigated. More details…


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