Home News Man Stones Friend To Death Over Spilled Beer.

Man Stones Friend To Death Over Spilled Beer.


A man from Chisumbanje is facing murder charges after he assaulted and killed a friend following arguments over spilt beer.

The accused Elias Makone (31) from Deruke Village, Chief Garahwa in Chipinge stumbled into his friend’s mug of beer forcing it to spill onto the ground.

The deceased Munorwei Chimbanje (28) then demanded that Makone replaces the beer and the latter refused.
The incident happened at Mparadze Business Center during the festive season.

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Chimbanje is alleged to have assaulted Makone with clenched fists on the face which caused the accused to pick up a stone and hit the deceased  three times on the head causing a deep cut that resulted in profuse bleeding.

The deceased was taken to St Peters Hospital at Checheche where he died on admission. Dr Matekenya who carried out the postmortem said  the death was caused by severe head injuries.

Makone who appeared before Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzvi at Chipinge Magistrate Courts is pleading guilty and was remanded in custody to Tuesday this week.


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