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Mejrkh Communications Launches A 24/7 Media Tracking App


Mejrkh Communications and Media Advisory, the leading mining consultant company in Zimbabwe in partnership with Pygentech, an upcoming software developer has launched a state-of-the-art media tracking application.

The application enables organizations to track real-time news, and gossip across all platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Speaking at the launch in the capital today, Mejrkh Communications and Media Advisory Project Manager Moses Charedzera said the application which operates round the clock, makes it easier for companies to keep track of their reputation and stay informed about what is being said about them in the media.

“ As organizations increasingly feel the multiplicity of news sources is becoming very difficult to monitor this media monitoring app makes it easier for companies to know what is being said about them.  In any case, it gives a an easy to understand statistical report.

“  The media tracking app is the first web and social media monitoring and analytics platform of its kind in Zimbabwe. The platform helps businesses and individuals track and analyse conversations about their brands across the web and social media with the use of specific keywords. It provides a social media monitoring and analytics platform that helps businesses track and analyze online conversations about their brands.

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“The platform can be used to monitor social media, news, blogs, and other online sources for mentions of a brand’s name, products, or services. The application also provides tools for analyzing the sentiment of online conversations, identifying influencers, and measuring the impact of marketing campaigns,” he said.

Speaking at the launch, Pygentech Software Developer Clara Chibondo also highlighted that the app is a game changer for organizations that need to stay on top of their media coverage and reputation management.

“ After months of pain-sacking work, we are glad that we have finally operationalised this application for organizations that have to manage their reputation at a low cost.

“The media monitoring application can help businesses to identify and respond to potential risks, such as negative online sentiment or product recalls,” said Chibondo.

The media tracking application is a tool that enables organizations and professionals to deeply understand the topics the audience cares about, better engage in the dialogue these audiences are having about the organization, and competitors as well as identify shifts in audience sentiment trends.


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