Home News Miners Urged To Focus On Exploration To Attract Investment.

Miners Urged To Focus On Exploration To Attract Investment.


Artisanal and small scale miners within the Great Dyke have been urged to desist from looking at problems from a financial position, but however make sure that there is adequate exploration to attract investors.

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, mining research and policy analyst Mukasiri Sibanda said it is critical to enhance benefit sharing from mining.

“ Its is very critical in the mining sector to enhance fair benefit sharing from mining. The ASM Sector is led by finances. Finance does not mean money; it can mean that there is adequate exploration. The problems must not be looked at from a financial position. Once you are in the mining sector and you have a claim as well as a hydrological potential, attraction of investment becomes easy”, said Sibanda.

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He also advised artisanal miners to participate in policy making to make sure that their priorities are not sidelined.

Small scale miners have recently been crying foul over lack of financial resources with very limited access to bank loans which they say has hindered production.


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