In a flurry of responses from political players in Zimbabwe, the declaration of the date for the 2023 Harmonized election has sparked a range of emotions. While all parties have affirmed their intention to contest, there are some who express discontent with the chosen date. Nevertheless, a common call to shun political violence resonates across the spectrum.

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change, eagerly embraced the proclamation of the date and conveyed his party’s preparedness for the upcoming election. He also emphasized the importance of making the Voters Roll public, as the party seeks transparency in the electoral process.

Chamisa fervently advocated for a violence-free election, underscoring the party’s commitment to fostering a peaceful democratic environment.

Mberengwa North legislator Marko Raidza, echoed Chamisa’s sentiments, warmly welcoming the announcement of the election date. Raidza called upon fellow Zimbabweans to maintain peace throughout the election period, emphasizing the significance of a calm and harmonious electoral climate.

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However, not everyone shared the same level of enthusiasm. Lloyd Damba, the spokesperson for the MDC led by Douglas Mwonzora, voiced criticism against President Mnangagwa for swiftly setting the election date while a matter concerning the delimitation remains pending in the courts.

Despite this grievance, Damba assured the public that the party would actively prepare and participate in the election.

Zimbabweans will go to the polls on August 23.


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