By Portia Muzorava

Religious and Traditional leaders have emphasized the need to hold cleansing ceremonies whenever life is lost through accidents or incidents on the country’s highways.

Speaking to Great Dyke news, Sekuru Kafera said a lot needs to be done whenever lives are lost.

He added that some people die with bitterness hence the need to appease their spirits.

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Chief Ziki said cleansing ceremonies are necessary to avoid Ngozi and black spots.

Today marks the 31st Anniversary of the Nyanga Bus disaster, Zimbabwe’s worst traffic accident where an overcrowded bus plunged off a winding mountain road moments after passengers begged the driver to slow down, killing 89 people including the driver and 82 school children.

Police said the driver of the bus which was travelling to the Roman Catholic Regina Coeli School following a school sports day at the St Killian’s Mission school apparently lost control of the bus and overshot a sharp bend near the village of Troutbeck.


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