Home News Security Forces Blamed For Upsurge in Gun-Related Crimes

Security Forces Blamed For Upsurge in Gun-Related Crimes

Credit epwired.com

By Oline Dzinduwa

Legal experts say the police department is to blame for the upsurge of crimes related to the firing of guns.

Speaking to Great Dyke News, Advocate Tichaona Chivasa said the office of the firearms controller, a Police department, is the office that issues firearms licenses and of late people who are seen with firearms are not deserving at all.

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He added that the other reason for the upsurge in gun crimes is the increase in drug and substance abuse in the country which causes violent behavior in many people.

Last week, a man gunned down three people in Hwedza and left one critically injured. He fled to Mozambique where he was caught and extradited to Zimbabwe and is now in police custody and awaiting to appear before judges.


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