Home Crime and Courts Seven Machete, Axe And Spear-Wielding Robbers Nabbed

Seven Machete, Axe And Spear-Wielding Robbers Nabbed

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police says it has apprehended seven people in connection with nine counts of robbery, stock theft, attempted murder and malicious damage to property cases committed in Gokwe.

In a statement, the ZRP said during the period between 13th June 2021 and 1st October 2021 the suspects wreaked havoc in the area where they attacked their victims with machetes, axes, catapults, spears, stones, bows and arrows before demanding valuables

It indicated that in some instances the suspects would attack victims over petty arguments.

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The ZRP also added that a number of victims lost property including cattle, goats, cellphones, cash, groceries and clothes during the heist while others sustained injuries.

It highlighted that two cattle and weapons used in the commission of the crimes have been recovered.

The seven have appeared in court and have been remanded in custody to the 28th of October.


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