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Spend Your Bonuses Locally, Civil Servants Urged


Cecilia Chibaya

Buy Zimbabwe has urged civil servants to use their bonuses to purchase locally made goods this festive season saying the consumption of local goods and services promotes jobs, wealth and pride in Zimbabwe.

In an interview held on the second day of the Buy Zimbabwe Week in the capital, Buy Zimbabwe Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere highlighted the need to support local producers not only in the retail industry but also in the manufacturing and construction industries which will lead to an increase in payouts to civil servants.

“Economies are run by consumption and producers only prosper if there is a buyer of a product but what economies around the world have gotten to understand is that for you to create jobs, those jobs must be linked to consumption that is directed to local content.

“For civil servants this is a good thing only if they also understand that by deciding what to buy, you are also deciding on your next bonus, you are also deciding on your job.

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“So I hope sanity will prevail and says this gift from government, we also need to give it to the country and buy the right products in our own country so that our bonuses next year are sustained and paid increased,” he said.

The Buy Zimbabwe chairman added that local products’ market share in retail outlets has increased tremendously with the products being cheaper than foreign commodities, hence there is need to support local producers.

“The surprising fact from Buy Zimbabwe Week is that actually we have gone beyond 70% of local products, we have gone around to 80%, so it means the average consumer in Zimbabwe buys a local product and it is not a fact that Zimbabwean products are more expensive than imported products.

“Go into shops right now and you’ll see that imported products are more expensive than local products,” he added.

Civil servants have started accessing their US dollar annual and presidential bonuses this month with the second and last batch of the payment being paid out next month.


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