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Kwekwe Robbery Gang Member Arrested


By Karen Chiwariro

Police in the Midlands has arrested one member of a Kwekwe two–man gang of robbers following an armed robbery spree in which they broke into three houses in Mbizo, Kwekwe.

In a statement, the ZRP said the offences were committed during the night on the 7th of January 2023 between about 0100 to 0300 hours.

It indicated that Khulani Dube (22) of Village Fazo, Chief Madhliwa Nkayi was arrested after their victim in the third breaking in Mbizo 9 made noise and neighbours came to rescue him. When they entered victim Costen Mundenguma’s house, they switched off the lights and switched on their torch lights instead.

It highlighted that Mundenguma was awakened by the noise and he confronted the suspects who retaliated by stabbing him with a knife all over the body. With the help of the neighbours, they managed to apprehend Khulani Dube. His accomplice Palma Nyirongo escaped.

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The ZRP said a report was made at ZRP Mbizo and as the Police carried out investigations, it turned out that the two men had allegedly broken into two other houses in Mbizo 12 and 16.

It highlighted that the duo were moving around armed with an axe, a machete, a bayonet and a knife. When occupants in the houses they broke into resisted, they would attack them using their weapons.

It indicated that the arrest led to the recovery of stolen property valued at US$310. It included a satchel containing property and cell phones stolen from the first two complainants.

Weapons were recovered.


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