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Two Vehicles Stolen In One Night In Mvuma

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Two motor vehicles were stolen in one night in two separate incidents which occurred in Mvuma.

ZRP Midlands Provincial Community Relations Liaison Officer Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said initial investigations established that a gang of three men armed with an iron bar and axes committed the offences in the early hours of Tuesday 28 June 2022.

He highlighted that in the first incident, a 32-year-old Mvuma businessman was robbed of US$2 000-00 cash and a Honda Fit valued at US$5 000-00. The incident occurred at around 0030 hours.

Inspector Mahoko said allegations are that “Mavhuto MHUNGA of Mvuma was asleep in his bedroom whilst his mother-in-law was sleeping in the sitting room when three unknown men armed with metal rods and axes broke into the house and severely assaulted him and his mother-in-law threatening them with death until he surrendered US$2000-00 cash, 2 smartphones and car keys.”

He highlighted that “After committing the offence the suspects drove off with Mavhuto’s blue Honda fit registration number AFP 5577 which was later found parked by the roadside along Harare-Mvuma road.”

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In the second incident, Inspector Mahoko said “a 60-year-old woman was robbed of a motor vehicle at her plot in Central Estates, Mvuma at about 0300 hours.”

He indicated that “the complainant Mavis Mapiravana was sleeping when three unknown men broke into her house and proceeded to her bedroom and allegedly assaulted her using a metal bar and an axe handle while demanding cash.”

In fear for her life, Mapiravana surrendered USD$12-00 cash, techno cellphone and car keys for her Toyota Hilux Twin Cab which is South African registered.

The men drove away in her motor vehicle which is valued at US$8 000 after tying her with electric cables.

Inspector Mahoko said “Total value stolen in the two robbery incidents is USD$15 000 and a Honda fit motor vehicle valued at USD$5 000 was recovered.


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