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Use It Or Lose It -A Case Of Fc Platinum Defence Really What Did We Expect?

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By Collen Nikisi

If you have ever stopped cycling for a little while you will all know that it is possible to lose fitness real fast

A break of a couple of days will actually benefit the average rider. This is due to the overload principle. Put very simply, when we exercise, we damage our bodies. When it recovers, it returns to a level slightly above what it was before. This, essentially is how training works.

After seven days of inactivity, though, your heart becomes less efficient in pumping blood around the body and your muscles start to lose their ability to take essential nutrients from that blood, so it is a kind of double whammy.

Your muscles also start to lose definition and begin to feel kind of spongy. If exercise isn’t resumed, these changes steadily continue until after 14 days, your heart and muscles are around 50% less efficient than they were on day one.

After a further two weeks of inactivity and it will be as if you are back to square one with your training.

A case in point is the Covid 19 ravaged local league, it might seem as an excuse but football has to come back in Zimbabwe if we are to compete in the Champions League.

Poor Fc Platinum think of it in a stop-start season after a largely inactive 2020 were still expected to perform at a level of the same teams with active leagues.

Sadly in football or sport in general they are no shortcuts even Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, and Thomas Tuchel would not have progressed under the same circumstances.

So in the end it all boiled down to penalties, a cruel way to lose. Spare a thought for the players they gave a good account of themselves over the 180 minutes given the circumstances but their best was not good enough.

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What lacked is the cutting edge or match sharpness especially in the final third . Crosses over-hit, failure to use set-pieces around the box and match tempo. Football is about marginal gains in key moments and these build up to produce the final results.

Rewind back to Saturday the five chances Fc Platinum created in the first half eye ball to eyeball with Sagrada goalie Lagranda and on all the occasions Chinyengetere , Mbweti, and Illunga failed to make the chances count.

Given the chances fluffed on a normal day, you would l expect them to bury anytime.In sports science there is a benefit in training, you create new neurological pathways that enable you to perform a skill effortlessly.

Once you are not training you lose adaptation be it in your fingers, foot, and muscles. This applies to all sports and even arts ask Amapiano Kings Kabza DeSmall,Dj Maphorisa, and renowned bass guitarist Aleck Macheso.

It is futile to assume that a club with a non active league is expected to qualify into the top tier of African football competition. It is a total waste because your opponents are operating at a higher level training consistently.

As we continue to reflect on Fc Platinum exit from the CAF Champions league please SRC and Ministry of Sports now that sport is back keep it that way by all means.

Stop-start is a recipe for disaster only this year the locally based warriors fared worse at Cosafa and CHAN. The Warriors continue to struggle in world cup qualifiers.

Truth be told our peers in Southern Africa are now at a different pedestal. Imagine Royal Leopards progressing to the first round of the CAF Champions league at the expense of Zesco United while Sagrada alone had 3.5 million from the sponsor to prepare for the Champions league.

Sport and football in general is now an industry and here in Zimbabwe lets treat it as such . The more we look at football as amateurish and recreation will lose it


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