Home Health Villagers Raise Concern Over Runde Dam Pollution.

Villagers Raise Concern Over Runde Dam Pollution.


Villagers at Runde District Ward 2 say they are concerned that the main water source at Runde Dam is being polluted by miners practicing river bank mining.

In an interview with Great Dyke News Ward 2 Councilor Chikozho said, villagers are now using polluted water for domestic purposes.

‘’People in Runde are drinking water that is polluted by miners mining in the river,’’ he said

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Runde District Council Chief Executive Officer Gordon Moyo said the council is working on solutions to deal with the problem.

‘’We want to talk to the illegal miners, already you are calling them gold miners. There are now issues of enforcement now, so that why we are aiming for water to reach the clinic and then we continue to mobilize resources so that we extend that scheme to reach Matenda. That’s the only way we can solve the water problem in ward 2,’’ he said.


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