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We Are Focused On Creating Lasting Legacies: Mimosa


Mimosa has handed over a study room and refurbished facilities at Ivordale Children’s orphanage in Juru.

Addressing delegates during the handover ceremony, the company’s Head of Corporate Affairs Elizabeth Nerwande said the company focuses on creating lasting legacies in Zimbabwe.

“At Mimosa, we have always enjoyed a history of mutually beneficial partnerships with our strategic stakeholders and communities.

“Our focus is to create lasting legacies by transforming lives and livelihoods and growing local economies.

“Our CSR initiatives which have seen us investing beyond our mining activities are driven by a desire to empower the community through creating sustainability and ensuring that these communities are much better off even beyond and after the operations at Mimosa.

“We have also embarked on a market-oriented focus targetting at winning the hearts and minds of our people. We recognise the centrality of our people hence the affirmation that our people are our foundation. In this formulation, our people have a wider scope to encompass the community at local, regional, and national levels.

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“This explains why we have heeded the call for assistance at Ivordale Children’s Orphanage. Our partnership with the orphanage is also an expression of one of our core values of caring,” she said.

She added that in the past, they have also partnered with different orphanages to support vulnerable children.

“As an organisation, we fully understand what the children here need. We also understand what a bigger study room and education mean for them as well as well-maintained facilities. We are aware that our hope as a nation lies on children and children’s hope lies on proper care, facilities and

“I can’t think of any issue that joins us together as strongly as providing for and protecting our children, especially those here who are vulnerable. In the past, we have demonstrated our love and care by partnering other children’s homes such as Manhinga Village Children’s Home and Shungu
Dzevana Trust Children’s Home.

“It is our sincere hope that our efforts will help in improving the lives of the children here, nurturing them to success and to become future leaders,” she added.

The scope of the works includes refurbishing the study room and shelving, shelving the pantry, tiling through the home, furnishing the entertainment room, reupholstering the two sets of sofas and their chairs, attending to plumbing and electrical issues, installing washing lines and installing of a backup power solar system.


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