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Ya FM Pauses Maskiri’s Controversial Track After On-air Poll


By Takudzwa Mahove

The Midlands’ biggest regional radio station, Ya FM has paused Hip-hop musician Alishias “Maskiri” Musimbe’s latest track “Mbinga from Binga” on all its programmes following an on-air poll in which the Pulse of the Great Dyke’s listeners were asked to vote for the song to be either played or paused because some of the lyrics were found to be insensitive.

The poll which ran on the first day of July on the Good-morning Great Dyke show hosted by popular presenter Forbes Mugadza had listeners call in and send messages to voice their opinion on the song which has been criticized by some for lyrics referring to the beheading of the murdered Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore.

Some of the listeners that called in complained that the song “lacked the national spirit of Ubuntu”, one listener from Gweru expressed disgust at the way Maskiri played around with the devastating loss that the Makore family had suffered.

Some however said that part of the song could be a reminder to society of how evil has taken over and how society has lost its mind. (kushaya musoro)

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, Maskiri said the lyrics are simply an art and can be interpreted in a number of ways as is the case with the genre. He explained what he meant when he wrote the track.

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Ya FM Head of Programming John Nhamo said the decision to pause the track was made by the listeners and the pulse of the great dyke can only oblige.

Tapiwa Makore was killed at the age of seven in a suspected ritual murder, he was laid to rest without his head after all efforts to locate it yielded no fruit.

Controversy has always followed the talented rapper as he has had his music banned due to it containing explicit lyrics for Zimbabwean listeners, in the early 2000s his song “Dhara Rangu” was banned from the airwaves after an outcry by some in the Christian community.


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