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ZIFA Should Have Been Deregistered -Mliswa

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By Obert Sithole

Former Dynamos chairman. National team fitness trainer and now Norton Member of Parliament Honourable Temba Mliswa is of the view that the Sports and Recreation Commission exercised a lot of leniency in only suspending the Zimbabwe Football Association board.

The outspoken Mliswa believes the SRC should have deregistered the entire association. The firebrand parliamentarian said ZIFA transgressions warranted nothing short of deregistration.

However, Honourable Mliswa called on stakeholders to rally behind the SRC decision to dissolve the ZIFA board and opined that the backlash from FIFA is inconsequential as football in the country is a loser.

“The SRC is an Act of parliament and it has to do its job by ensuring that all associations adhere to set governance codes. If they are not they need to be deregistered and ZIFA in fact was supposed to have been deregistered. The suspension means nothing, it is not good enough they have done nothing to change the aspect of football and what you need to know is that we don’t care about FIFA. FIFA wants an association which is well governed and the governance of that association is under SRC”, Mliswa said.

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“Even if sport football is banned in this country noone is making money except the administrators who are misappropriating those funds and it has to stop. Kudos to the Sports and Recreation Commission for suspending ZIFA, they have shown teeth in that regard. We need a proper development plan for football. We need a 20-25 year development plan, the suspended board didn’t have that and all the monies which are coming through are filling up their pockets.”

Mliswa demanded change in the way sport is administered in the country. Let’s allow competent and qualified people to run the game, allow people with sports degrees, diplomas or former footballers to take charge of football administration.

“Change needs to happen at ZIFA we have people like Alois Bunjira who is a former player and is passionate about the game. Sport is about being passionate. How passionate were those at the helm, they were only passionate about misappropriating funds. We want to put people who know sport and what it means to train hard, sweat in order to get a result. So we need administrators like Bunjira and that will change sport for the good”, he added.


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