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Zvishavane and Mberengwa: Exploiting Opportunities in Zimbabwe’s Mining Belt


The Zvishavane and Mberengwa districts in Zimbabwe are home to some of the country’s richest mineral deposits, including platinum, gold, and chrome.

The districts have a long history of mining, with many myths and legends surrounding the industry. Today, the areas present abundant opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs, as well as local communities.

Mining has long been a part of the culture and traditions of the Zvishavane and Mberengwa districts.

Many myths and legends surround the industry, including stories of supernatural beings that inhabit the mines.

These myths have been passed down from generation to generation, and many locals still believe in their power. Some even believe that the spirits of the mines can bring good fortune to those who respect them.

While large-scale mining operations dominate the region, small-scale mining also plays an important role in the local economy.

Many locals rely on small-scale mining for their livelihoods, using basic tools to extract gold and other minerals from the earth.

However, small-scale mining can be dangerous and environmentally damaging, and efforts are underway to promote sustainable practices and provide support to small-scale miners.

The districts are home to several large mining companies, including Mimosa and Murowa Diamonds , as well as a growing tourism industry.

A lot of entrepreneurs have set up their businesses there the likes of Barmlo Investments which specializes in building materials supply and brick moulding, Makanaka Investments (Pote) based in Zvishavane, which operates various business units ranging from groceries, hardware, road transportation, borehole drilling, gold milling, quarry to hotel and accommodation facilities. There are a lot of banks including CBZ, AFC Holdings, Nedbank and supermarkets like TM Pick n Pay, OK Zimbabwe and many others.

There are also opportunities in agriculture and infrastructure development. The government has implemented several policies aimed at attracting foreign investment, including tax incentives and streamlined regulations.

The media plays an important role in the communities of Zvishavane and Mberengwa. They provide news, entertainment, and information to locals, as well as a platform for community engagement.

A radio station such as YaFM is popular among locals, and provides a critical platform for businesses and organizations looking to reach out to the community.

When visiting the Zvishavane and Mberengwa districts, visitors should be aware of the local customs and traditions.

The region is home to several ethnic groups, including the Shona and Ndebele people, and visitors should be respectful of their customs and traditions. Visitors should also be aware of the local climate, which can be hot and dry during the summer months.

Surely, Zvishavane and Mberengwa districts offer a unique blend of myths, opportunities, and traditions.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the region’s rich mining history, investing in the local economy, or simply experiencing the local culture, there’s something for everyone in Zimbabwe’s mining belt.

Meanwhile, Buy Zimbabwe in partnership with MEJRKH is set to honour excelling companies and individuals operating within the region through the third edition of the Great Dyke Awards, happening in Gweru on the 16th of June 2023.

This year’s edition is different as locals are being given an opportunity to nominate and vote for their entries on YAFM which is the official media partner of the awards.

The list of categories includes:

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The champion miner categories which are:

1. PGM Producer of the Year

2. Gold Producer of the Year

3. Chrome Producer of the Year and

4. Small Scale Miner of the Year

The champion agriculture categories which are

5. Agro Producer of the Year

6. Farmers Support Award of the Year and the

7. Dairy and Livestock Producer of the Year. Other categories are;

8. Tourism and Hospitality Champion of the Year

9. Champion Tertiary Institution of the Year

10. Social Influencer Champion of the Year

11. Champion Public Sector Company of the Year

12. Champion Manufacturer of the Year

13. Champion Business Person of the Year

14. Champion Retailer of the Year 

15. Champion Wholesaler of the Year

16. Sports Champion of the Year and

17. Artistic Champion of the Year


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