Home Crime and Courts Zvishavane Teacher Dies In A Shaft While Conducting Illegal Mining

Zvishavane Teacher Dies In A Shaft While Conducting Illegal Mining


A teacher from George Chipadza Secondary School in Zvishavane died while carrying out illegal gold mining at Hall 8 Mine at Dayataya area.

According to a police report, Pesanai Chiresva (42) residing at 167 Izayi Park , Zvishavane fell headlong into a vertical shift of about 15 to 16 metre and died instantly .

Chiresva was lowering one of his two colleagues , Tafadzwa Makasi into a shaft using a manual hoist. While in the process Chiresve lost control of the manual hoist causing Makasi who had not reached the bottom of the shaft to use his hands and legs to hang onto the shaft walls to avoid falling.

However, Chiresva realising he had lost control of the manual hoist tried to control its speed using his hands but was overpowered., fell into the shaft and died.

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His body was discovered with injuries on the left ear, nose and along the stomach.

In a telephone interview with Great Dyke News 24 Editor Belinda Sibanda, Zvishavane District Schools Inspector , Trynos Mahlokozera said as the district education they are saddened by the loss and also said funeral arrangements were now underway.

”We are coming from the hospital where we have obtained the burial order, so we are going to Nyaradzo Funeral Parlour and we are expecting them to accompany us to collect the body,” he said.