Home Entertainment Breaking: Mai Titi Breaks Up With New Boyfriend.

Breaking: Mai Titi Breaks Up With New Boyfriend.


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri.

Comedian and social media influencer Felistas Edwards, popularly known as Mai Titi has publicly announced the end of her relationship with her new boyfriend, Zizoe over her HIV status.

Mai Titi says in her live video on Facebook, ”Zizoe did not say its over, but l’m publicly calling it off because of what he said to me.

Zizoe said to me l should appreciate him because he loves me despite my condition. I will not allow anyone to tell me that no-one will ever love me if not me alone.”

She added that, ”I will say thank you Zizoe for loving me, thank you for appreciating me, thank you for standing by me in so many ways, for showing me that there is love at the end of the day and for being there for my children.

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”But it’s not only you who can love me in my condition. You knew my condition from the word go, you stood by me with that condition.

”Ndozvinozotaurwa kuti musadanane nevana vadiki because vana vadiki vane mafungiro avo.”

”He found me shining and l will continue shining. l will continue to support him.

People like him are unforgettable, all l need is for you guys to support me. You guys you shouldn’t hurt him because you will hurt me also, l still love Zizoe,” she said.


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