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Buy Zimbabwe Annual Awards to be held in March

Buy Zimbabwe Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere handing over a token of appreciation to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Pic credit Jeoffrey Ncube

The 12th Edition of The Buy Zimbabwe Annual Awards meant to appreciate Buy Zimbabwe members
who excelled in promoting the production of local brands has been slated for the 17th of March at the
Andy Millar Hall, Showgrounds.

Buy Zimbabwe General Manager Alois Burutsa said they are very excited to be hosting this year’s
Awards despite economic challenges.

“Buy Zimbabwe will be holding the 12th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards on the 17th of March here in
Harare at the Andy Millar Hall at the exhibition grounds in Harare. As I mentioned this is the 12th edition
of the Buy Zimbabwe Annual Awards and we are very excited that we have been able to continue having
these awards despite the difficult economic environment that has been obtaining in the country.

“We also thank our members because without them it would not be possible for us to continue to have
these awards. Through their support, we have been able to host these awards every year without fail. So
we are happy about that.

“This year’s awards are meant to recognize and appreciate Buy Zimbabwe members who have
supported the Buy Zimbabwe initiative, which has walked the talk, the Buy Zimbabwe talk through their
actions, through what they have been saying and also through supporting the Buy Zimbabwe Initiative,”
he said.

The Buy Zimbabwe General Manager added that Buy Zimbabwe social media platforms are open for the
public to vote for their favourite Buy Zimbabwe Brands across the country.

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“We have 20 categories at this year’s Buy Zimbabwe Awards. Some of the categories include the Buy
Zimbabwe New Comer Of The Year Award, Buy Zimbabwe Mining Award, Buy Zimbabwe Quality Award,
Buy Zimbabwe Local Procurement Award, Buy Zimbabwe Company of the Year Award, Corporate Social
Responsibility Award, the SME of the Year Award, the Buy Zimbabwe Manufacturer of the Year Award, the
Most Improved Manufacturer of the Year Award and the Buy Zimbabwe Product of the Year Award
amongst others.

“We are going to be using our social media platforms as well to get the general public to also vote and
support their favourite Buy Zimbabwe brands so that at least we take it to the people to come through
with their votes to tell us for instance the Buy Zimbabwe Product of the Year.

“We encourage our stakeholders to continue supporting the Buy Zimbabwe initiative as we are growing
stronger. As you are aware, since 2019 the country has experienced a current account surplus which is
good for us. This shows that at least the country is generating more foreign currency than it is taking out
which is a good place to be, but of course we should be able to do more.

“We are saying that as Buy Zimbabwe it’s important that we now go through further the value chains,
down the value chains so that we also reduce our imports of raw materials but rather let us create our
own raw materials here in Zimbabwe”, added Burutsa.

Last year Buy Zimbabwe held its 11th Annual Awards on the 8th of April at the Rainbow Towers Hotel,
Harare. The Buy Zimbabwe Awards encourage locals to procure locally manufactured commodities and
celebrates Buy Zimbabwe members who have taken heed of the Buy Zimbabwe mantra of pushing for
the production of local goods as well as creating jobs, wealth, and pride.


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