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Fatal Fare: Zvishavane’s Taxi Driver Caught in Deadly Alleged Love Triangle Turned Murder Mystery


In a chilling turn of events, the serene village of Mudereri, nestled under the jurisdiction of Chief Masunda in Zvishavane, became the backdrop for a murder case that has left the community in shock.
Speaking to Great Dyke News Zimbabwe Republic Police Midlands Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the grim narrative began on December 1st, 2023, when a missing person report was filed in Zvishavane. Simbarashe Moyo, (28) taxi driver, was reported missing along with his vehicle, a Honda Fit hybrid. The unfolding events took a darker turn on December 3rd, when a vehicle matching Moyo’s description was discovered abandoned at a deserted homestead in Mudereri Village.
Upon police intervention, the grim discovery of Moyo’s lifeless body at the back seat sent shockwaves through the community.
Inspector Mahoko said blood seeped from his nose, and the body bore visible injuries and bruises. Authorities conducted a search, revealing a wallet in the deceased’s trousers containing USD$94.00 in cash and identification cards.
He indicated that Zvishavane District Hospital became the site for further investigations, where it was revealed that Moyo had allegedly been assaulted. Strikingly, on the same day at approximately 1300 hours, a potential breakthrough occurred as a suspect, accompanied by legal representation, surrendered himself to the authorities.
Identified as Maphios Mativenga, a resident of the Birthday suburb in Zvishavane, the suspect has become a focal point in the ongoing investigation.
Inspector Mahoko said early claims suggest a possible motive tied to a love affair, insinuating that the victim may have been targeted and assaulted due to an alleged involvement with a married woman.
As the intricate web of details surrounding this tragic incident continues to unravel, the community awaits answers, grappling with the unsettling reality of a murder case within its midst. The wheels of justice are in motion, and the investigation is poised to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Simbarashe Moyo’s untimely demise.

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