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Investing in Women: The Powerhouse for Global Progress on International Women’s Day


In a resounding call to action on International Women’s Day, UN Women is urging the world to recognize the formidable impact of investing in women as the linchpin for accelerated economic growth and the cornerstone of prosperous, equitable societies.

Against the backdrop of escalating conflicts and the looming threat of climate change, the organization unveils startling statistics, revealing the stark realities faced by women globally, emphasizing that the time for decisive, transformative measures is now.

Un Women said the urgency of this call is heightened by the detrimental impact of conflicts and crises, eroding decades of progress in gender equality across regions like the Middle East, Haiti, Sudan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and beyond. Women, often not responsible for these conflicts, disproportionately bear the brunt.

The specter of climate change exacerbates persistent poverty gaps, with women facing an increasingly burdensome role as competition for resources intensifies. Shockingly, one in every ten women worldwide lives in extreme poverty.

The number of women and girls in conflict-affected areas has doubled since 2017, surpassing 614 million. In these zones, women are 7.7 times more likely to endure extreme poverty. By 2030, climate change is projected to leave 236 million more women and girls hungry, twice the number of men (131 million).

At the prime working age, only 61% of women are in the labor force, compared to 90% of men.

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UN Women underscores that prioritizing education, family planning, fair wages, and expanded social benefits could lift over 100 million women and girls out of poverty.

Investments in care services, such as daycare and elderly care, could generate nearly 300 million jobs by 2035. Closing gender employment gaps could boost GDP per capita by 20% across all regions.

Despite these compelling arguments, current efforts for gender equality represent only 4% of official development assistance. An additional USD 360 billion annually in developing countries is required to achieve gender equality—a fraction of the USD 2.2 trillion spent globally on military expenditure in 2022.

UN Women urges Member States at the upcoming Commission on the Status of Women in New York to align their commitments on gender equality with tangible resources.

International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8th, is a global celebration that honors the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It also serves as a platform to raise awareness about gender equality and advocate for women’s rights.

The day is marked by various events, initiatives, and discussions worldwide, focusing on issues such as gender discrimination, violence against women, and the ongoing efforts to promote equality in all aspects of life. It is an occasion to celebrate the progress made, recognize the challenges that persist, and rally support for the empowerment of women globally.


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