Home News Just In:Hwengwere Tests Positive For Covid.

Just In:Hwengwere Tests Positive For Covid.


Buy Zimbabwe founder and Minex chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere has tested positive for Covid-19, GreatDykeNews24 reports.

Speaking to GreatDykeNews24, Hwengwere said he realized he was positive last week Thursday when he got tested in Harare.

“I have been writing on covid 19 since March 2020. Two weeks ago I realised the pandemic is getting out of hand.

“I got myself tested last Thursday and lo and behold I came out positive. In all this I believe it’s even more important to reinforce the message: Covid 19 is real,” he said.

He urged people to adhere to covid -19 regulations adding his symptoms are mild so far.

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“Mask up. Social distance, sanitise. If infected get a doctor to advise on what to do. So far my symptoms are classified as mild and I have been put of vitamin c and zinc. Kunatira has become a religion. Stay safe,” added Hwengwere.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe recorded 772 new cases of the virus and the total number of confirmed cases is now at 26,881. Deaths recorded in the last 24 hour cycle were 17 bringing the total number of deaths to 683.

There were 458 new recoveries recorded and the national recovery rate remains at 59%.

Zimbabwe last week experienced its worst week with spiking Covid-19 infections and 200 deaths as the country continues to suffer the consequences of the second wave of the global pandemic.

With health officials saying scientists are still to ascertain whether the new infections are a result of the new strain of the virus or not, figures in the country continue to rise with the recovery rate tumbling to below 60 percent.


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