Home News Passenger Association Calls For Covid-19 Screening At Roadblocks.

Passenger Association Calls For Covid-19 Screening At Roadblocks.


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri

Amid escalation of COVID-19 cases in the country, Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has called upon the government to intensify screaming at roadblocks.

In a statement seen by GreatDykeNews24, PAZ president Tafadzwa Goliath said that the move will be more critical to stop the spread of covid-19 than asking people to produce travel authorisation letters.

“As Passengers Association of Zimbabwe we are calling for screening of motorists and passengers at road blocks and checkpoints.

“Just as supermarkets and other businesses are screening so must travellers be screened at all road blocks.
“Suspected cases can then be subjected to further tests and quarantine as is the norm in other countries,” he said.
He added that PAZ is concerned about the closure of public toilets at bus terminuses, by 4pm especially those in the Central Business District by Harare City Council.

“Most women are complaining about this issue as this is the time they will be using bus terminuses after work to commute home.

“Furthermore, they usually spend hours at these places in with no access to toilets. This deprives them of their dignity, torments them and robs them of a basic right,” he added.

Meanwhile, cases in Zimbabwe increased by 49 and the number of infections has passed the 1000 mark, with 1034 cases recorded so far. 1 new death was recorded and the death toll is now at 19. 343 cases have recovered whilst the number of active cases is at 672.

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