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Zimplats Scoops Top Honors at 13th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards


The 13th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards recently concluded with a celebration of excellence and achievement among Zimbabwean businesses. The event honored companies that have demonstrated remarkable resilience, innovation, and commitment to the nation’s economic development. Across various categories, winners were recognized for their outstanding contributions to local industries, showcasing the best of Zimbabwean entrepreneurship.

One of the standout winners was Willowton Group, which clinched the prestigious Newcomer of the Year Award, highlighting their swift rise and impactful presence in the market. Similarly, TV Sales & Home emerged victorious in the Furniture Retailer of the Year category, reflecting their commitment to providing quality products and services to Zimbabwean consumers.The Quality Award, a testament to commitment to excellence, was bestowed upon Adam Bede, recognizing their dedication to maintaining high standards in their products and operations. Meanwhile, N. Richards Group secured the Local Procurement Award, affirming their role in supporting local suppliers and promoting domestic sourcing.

In the realm of customer service, TM Pick N Pay stood out as the winner, emphasizing their focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their clientele. In the mining sector, Zimplats was recognized as the Mining Company of the Year, highlighting their significant contributions to the country’s mineral industry and economic growth.

CBZ Agroyield’s win in the Farmers Support Award category underscored their efforts in empowering local farmers and driving agricultural development. TM Pick N Pay once again shone as the Retailer of the Year, reflecting their consistent commitment to serving Zimbabwean consumers.

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Clean-O’s victory in the SME of the Year Award category highlighted the importance of small and medium enterprises in driving economic growth and employment generation. Econet Wireless was honored with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for their impactful initiatives aimed at uplifting communities across Zimbabwe.

Varun Beverages received the Enterprise Development Support Award, recognizing their efforts in fostering entrepreneurship and supporting local businesses. Chloride Zimbabwe was celebrated as the Manufacturer of the Year (Non-FMCG), showcasing excellence in industrial production.

The event also acknowledged the achievements of companies such as Dairibord Zimbabwe, National Foods Limited, and Tracey Mutaviri, among others, in various categories.

Overall, the Buy Zimbabwe Awards served as a platform to celebrate the resilience, innovation, and success of Zimbabwean businesses, inspiring a new era of growth and prosperity in the nation’s economy.


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