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13th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards Celebrate Local Industry Excellence


In a dazzling ceremony held at Harare last evening, the 13th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards brought together luminaries from the nation’s business and political spheres to honor and celebrate outstanding contributions to the local economy. The event, which marked a significant milestone in collaboration between the government and Buy Zimbabwe, showcased the importance of promoting competitive industrial and commercial enterprises within the country.

Representing the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Mangaliso Ndlovu, commended the partnership between the government and Buy Zimbabwe, emphasizing its crucial role in fostering the growth of Zimbabwe’s industrial and commercial sectors. Speaking on behalf of Dr. Ndlovu, Permanent Secretary Dr. Thomas Utete Wushe underscored the Ministry’s commitment to advancing policies that promote value addition and beneficiation, aligning with the objectives outlined in the National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025).

Highlighting the urgency of industrialization, mechanization, and modernization, Dr. Ndlovu echoed the sentiments of Buy Zimbabwe Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere, emphasizing the need to reduce the country’s import bill and prioritize locally manufactured products in public procurement processes. The call for incentivizing companies investing in local content resonated strongly, indicating a collective push towards fostering a thriving domestic manufacturing base.

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Integral to these efforts is the Ministry’s Local Content Strategy, aimed at stimulating the development of local industries, value chains, and supply networks across various sectors. By promoting local linkages and encouraging collaboration between agricultural, extractive, industrial, and service sectors, this strategy seeks to bolster Zimbabwe’s self-sufficiency and economic resilience.

Among the evening’s notable awardees were Adam Bede, recognized for exemplary quality standards, National Foods, which clinched the Manufacturer of the Year (FMCG) award, and Pfuko Mahewu, honored with the prestigious Product of the Year accolade. Additionally, National Foods secured the coveted Company of the Year Award, further underscoring its pivotal role in driving Zimbabwe’s economic growth and development.

The 13th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards not only celebrated excellence but also served as a rallying cry for stakeholders across the nation to unite in support of local industry. As Zimbabwe charts its path towards sustainable economic prosperity, initiatives like these stands as testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its entrepreneurial spirit, signaling a brighter future built on the foundations of homegrown innovation and enterprise.


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