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Zimbabwean Businesses Celebrated at Buy Zimbabwe Awards


In a testament to the resilience and innovation of Zimbabwean industries, the 13th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards honored outstanding companies across various categories, showcasing their contributions to the country’s economy. The awards ceremony, held in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, served as a platform to recognize and celebrate excellence in local content and industrialization.

Among the notable winners were Willowton Group, TV Sales & Home, Adam Bede, N. Richards Group, TM Pick n Pay, Clean-O, and Econet Wireless, among others, across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and corporate social responsibility.

The adjudication process, overseen by a panel of experts from government, industry, and media, ensured a meticulous evaluation of the nominated companies and products.

However, concerns were raised about the low participation of some businesses in the adjudication process, highlighting the need for greater industry support and engagement in future editions of the awards.

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Chairman of the Adjudication Committee, Mr. Sifelani Jabangwe, emphasized the importance of companies filling in and submitting adjudication forms, noting that this process is crucial for fair assessment and recognition of their achievements. He also underscored the significance of the awards as a barometer of the performance of local value chains, particularly in the context of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The Buy Zimbabwe Awards not only recognize excellence but also serve as a catalyst for promoting local content and industrialization. Winners are seen as role models, inspiring other businesses to strive for excellence and contribute to the growth and development of Zimbabwe’s economy.

In his report, Mr. Jabangwe encouraged more companies to participate in the awards, stressing that supporting the Buy Zimbabwe Awards is synonymous with supporting local content. He congratulated the winners and urged those who didn’t make it to the podium to strive for success in future editions.

Overall, the Buy Zimbabwe Awards serve as a platform to showcase and celebrate the achievements of Zimbabwean businesses, reinforcing the importance of supporting local industries and fostering economic growth within the country.


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