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African Coronavirus Statistics



  Africa Southern Africa
Confirmed cases 109,470 22,919
Number of deaths 3,267     428
Recoveries 44,166 10,709
Active cases 62,037   11,762
Total Tests   664,218

There are now 109,470 reported cases of the Coronavirus pandemic in Africa. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in all the 47 Member States in the WHO African Region. Total number of tests done for most countries has not been captured consistently.

There are also increasing incidents of cross-border transmission of COVID-19 between countries in the continent, mainly through long-distance truck drivers and illegal movement through porous borders. Notably, in most countries, the disease is still localised to large urban centres, with most rural communities relatively unaffected.

South Africa is the most affected country on the continent with 21,343 cases and 407 deaths. South Africa has the highest number of tests done, gathered from the data provided with 564,370 tests. 

Egypt is the second most affected with 16,513 cases and the highest number of deaths with 735 deaths. 4,628 cases have been reported to have recovered however the country has the highest number of active cases in Africa with 11,150 which is about 20% of the total number of active cases.

Tanzanian government has not released any data on Covid-19 since April 29. So, the official statistics recorded are 509 cases and 21 deaths.

Algeria has the third highest number of cases with 8,113 and 592 deaths recorded. The country has recorded 4,426 recoveries and 3,095 active cases.

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In the Southern African Region, there are 22,919 confirmed cases and 428 deaths. A total of 10,709brecoveries have been reported and 11,762 active cases have been recorded.

Zambia has the second highest number of cases in the region, after South Africa with 920 and 7 deaths. Zambia witnessed a 76% rise in the number of cases from 441 to 920 cases largely due to a spike in the town of Nakonde after a relaxation of the lockdown restrictions. The country later resolved to close the border with Tanzania. 

Namibia recorded 1 new case on the 22nd of May after having recorded 0 new infections for 1 week to bring the total number of cases to 20.

Zimbabwe has 56 cases recorded of the virus with a total of 4 deaths and 23 recoveries.

Key Issues in Africa

  • Ghana and South Africa were some of the first countries to begin easing restrictions while Kenya and Sudan have decided to extend lockdowns.
  • Concerns are mounting over Tanzania and Burundi which have failed to take the virus seriously.
  • Insurgencies in countries like Somalia and Mali have also stoked fears that governments dealing with conflict will be unable to get a handle on the virus.


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