Home News Artisanal Miners Invade Great Zimbabwe University.

Artisanal Miners Invade Great Zimbabwe University.


Great Zimbabwe University’s Mashava campus has been invaded by illegal miners who are alleged to be panning for gold at the campus’s residential areas.

According to the University Student Representative Council Minister of Information Forward Chaibva, the miner’s movements at the campus is rampant.

“We are facing a problem, an area near Q and P complex has been invaded by gold panners who are extremely dangerous.

“These people are extremely dangerous and they are massively working by night, therefore their movement within our residential complexes is rampant.

” Our security is safeguarding the place but you also have to be cautious (students) hence make sure (1) avoid moving at night alone (2) avoid leaving clothes outside

“(3) lock all main doors and keep all valuables safe (4 )do not open doors to strangers at night” said Chaibva.

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Great Zimbabwe University Mashava campus executive has confirmed to Mining Zimbabwe that the school has been invaded by illegal miners who are mining during the night.

” Its true there are miners who are digging at the Q and P complexes and they’re constantly roaming around.I urge the students to be very careful because these people are dangerously armed”

The rate of forceful invasions by illegal miners is increasing in Zimbabwe and this has led people to think that the police forces are captured or they are actually running a cartel thereby protecting these miners from the wrath of the law.

Recently, commercial property owners at Mberengwa in the Great Dyke turn off were left counting their losses after illegal miners vandalised their properties in search of gold as well.

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