Home Crime and Courts “Bhuru” Machete Group Leader Released On Bail.

“Bhuru” Machete Group Leader Released On Bail.


 A 20-year-old suspected machete-wielding gang ring leader,  Tinomutevera Shumba popularly known as ‘Bhuru”  from Zvishavane who appeared in court on the 3rd of March pending trial on allegations of disorderly conduct in a public place was yesterday released on $100  bail.   

It was the state’s case that the accused unlawfully jumped into complainant Dorcus Masango’s house perimeter wall attempting to attack her with a machete. 

“On the 26 of December 2019 at 1438 Isayi Park Zvishavane, Tinomutevera Shumba unlawfully and intentionally used threatening, abusive, insulting words and behaved in a threatening abusive manner that is to say he jumped into Dorcus Masango’s durawall carrying machete intending to provoke her.
“He entered by jumping over the durawall into Dorcus Masango’s house knowing that there is real risk or risk that such entry was forbidden.
” He acted in connivance with Tawanda Chakura, and another who is still at large only known as Satan.
” His accomplice Tawanda Chakurira was inside the durawall with a torch flashing Dorcus Masango’s windows,” read the court papers.

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 Appearing before Zvishavane Magistrate Charity Tonongera, the accused was released on condition that he pays 100 dollars fine.

His bail release comes shortly after the Zvishavane community had petitioned against the granting of bail and release of machete violence suspects, with  Shumba’s name cited as a case in point. 


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