In a remarkable display of commitment, Bikita Minerals, a prominent lithium miner, is actively working to enhance access to water in Masvingo province. Recognizing the fundamental importance of water as a basic necessity, the company has shifted its focus towards improving access to this vital resource, particularly in rural communities.

Collen Nikisi, the Public Relations Officer for Bikita Minerals, revealed in an interview with Great Dyke News that the mine has embarked on an extensive borehole drilling initiative across the province. Six boreholes have been drilled in Masvingo West, six in Masvingo North, and 14 in Bikita West, ensuring a widespread impact on water availability.

Speaking on the matter, Mine Manager David Mwanza emphasized the mine’s commitment to improving the livelihoods of marginalized communities through income-generating projects and access to clean water. Bikita Minerals has demonstrated its dedication to corporate social responsibility throughout the province, as evidenced by recent initiatives focused on road upgrades and healthcare accessibility.

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It is worth noting that some of the boreholes drilled in Bikita West and Masvingo are solar-powered, showcasing the mine’s commitment to sustainable solutions and renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, Bikita Minerals is actively involved in addressing the power supply challenges faced by several districts in Masvingo Province. The mine is currently working on a power line project from Tokwe-Bikita, which is expected to significantly improve electricity availability in three districts: Gutu, Zaka, and Bikita.


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