Home Mining Bindura Nickel Corporation Under Reconstruction as Nickel Prices Plummet

Bindura Nickel Corporation Under Reconstruction as Nickel Prices Plummet


Bindura Nickel Corporation, a listed entity on the VFX, has recently faced significant challenges leading to its placement under a reconstruction order its parent company Kuvimba Mining House has revealed.

The primary cause cited for this action is the dramatic decline in nickel prices, which have plummeted by 50 to 80% over the past six to 12 months. Additionally, the company has experienced major equipment failures exacerbating its financial woes.

Acting Group Chief Executive Officer of Kuvimba Mining House (KMH), Trevor Barnard, revealed that efforts are underway by the administrator and management of Bindura Nickel Corporation to devise a business plan for the revival of the operation. Despite the current setbacks, there is optimism surrounding the potential resuscitation of the corporation.

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In contrast to the challenges faced by Bindura Nickel Corporation, the gold sector has experienced stability and even growth. Barnard said gold prices have remained high for an extended period, presenting favorable conditions for the industry. Barnard expressed satisfaction and enthusiasm about the gold industry’s performance and anticipated the continuation of favorable pricing trends in the future.

The mining group, KMH has vast interests in gold with Globe and Phoenix, Freda Rebecca, Shamva and Jena mines.


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