Home News Breaking: Municipal Police Granted Arresting Powers.

Breaking: Municipal Police Granted Arresting Powers.


Harare Municipal Police has been granted time-framed arresting powers as efforts to combat Covid -19 gather momentum, Great Dyke News 24 reports.

In a statement seen by Great Dyke News24, Acting Chamber Secretary Mr. Charles Usaviwevu Kandemiri confirmed that municipal police have been designated enforcement officers in terms of the Public Health (COVID -19 Prevention, Containment, and Treatment) regulations, 2020 (SI 77 of 2020).

According to the statement, “members of the public are expected to cooperate with the municipal when enforcing the provisions of the regulations. Failure to cooperate constitutes a criminal offense punishable in terms of the regulations.”

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Zimbabwe is mourning the death of a young star TV journalist Zororo Makamba soon after he tested positive for the  Covid-19 virus in Harare on Mar. 23.

Makamba, who was just 30, is the son of James Makamba, a prominent businessman and senior member of Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-PF.  Zororo Makamba is believed to have contracted the virus following a visit to New York early this month, where he came back with “a slight flu and a cold”. 


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