Buy Zimbabwe, an organization promoting the consumption of locally produced goods, has expressed concern over the presence of non-compliant and unfortified sugar brands in the local market.

The organization highlights that these imports are in violation of Statutory Instrument 120 of 2016, which mandates the fortification of sugar with approved food fortificants regulated by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

In a press statement Buy Zimbabwe General Manager Alois Burutsa said recent compliance tests conducted have revealed that “several sugar brands, including Ashna Golden Sugar, Sunshine Brown Sugar, Selati White Sugar, Splendid Brown Sugar, Flair Brown Sugar, Selati Sprinkle Joy Brown Sugar, and Evergold Brown Sugar, are non-compliant with both fortification requirements and labeling regulations.”

He highlighted that these brands lack essential nutritional information and expiry dates as mandated by the regulations.

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He called on the relevant authorities to take immediate action by removing these non-compliant sugar brands from the market and prohibiting further imports.

He added that organization emphasizes the need to “protect unsuspecting consumers and ensure compliance with the regulations outlined in SI 120 of 2016.”

The statutory instrument aims to address the deficiencies of micronutrients in order to enhance the physical and cognitive capacities of individuals in low and middle-income countries. According to Section 7 of SI 120, the manufacturing, importing, packing, storing, and selling of wheat flour, milled maize products, sugar, salt, and edible oil must adhere to fortification requirements, unless specifically exempted by the Secretary of Health and Child Care.


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