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Zimbabwe’s Mining Revolution: Government Unveils Plan for Computerized Cadastre System


Government says it has devised a Bill aimed at ushering in the computerization of the country’s register of mining rights and titles. This initiative seeks to streamline the administration of these records and prevent instances of double title allocations.

The transition from a manual system to an automated, computerized mining cadastre information system is set to commence in Manicaland Province. A pilot project is slated to launch imminently to initiate this process.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Zhemu Soda said the Bill to establish the mining cadastre system will soon undergo gazetting and subsequent introduction to Parliament. Following this, public hearings will be conducted nationwide to gather input and feedback.

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Minister Soda highlighted the necessity of this initiative, emphasizing that the current legislative framework does not accommodate GPS-based coordinates. Presently, mining site allocations rely on manually drawn maps, prompting the need for a transformative shift towards a computerized mining information system.

The forthcoming Bill is poised to serve as the cornerstone for the implementation of the mining cadastre system, facilitating the transition from a manual to a computer-based framework. This evolution promises to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the management of mining rights and titles, marking a significant step forward for Zimbabwe’s mining sector.


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