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Coronavirus Analysis-African Continent.

 AfricaSouthern Africa
Confirmed cases 581,595273,396
Number of deaths 13,029‚Äč4,117
Recoveries 287,924131,105
Active cases 280,642138,174
Total Tests 2,401,838

A total of 145, 993 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Africa. Of the new cases reported, 71% (96,123) were recorded in South Africa, which remains the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

 South Africa is now among the top 15 most affected countries globally, with its cumulative number of cases (264,184) exceeding that for Turkey (211,981), Germany(199,812) and France (170,752), which previously reported the highest numbers.

On 4 July 2020, the continent and South Africa recorded their highest daily case count of 13 474 and 10 853, respectively and also registered the highest daily death toll of 225and 192, respectively, on 7 July 2020. 

The other countries that reported large numbers of cases are Nigeria (31,987) Ghana (24,248), Algeria (18,712), and Cameroon (15,173).

During this period, five countries in the region observed the highest percentage increase in incidence cases: Lesotho 237% (from 35 to 184 cases), Namibia 166% (from 293 to 668 cases), Malawi 48% (from 1342 to 2,261 cases) and South Africa 43% (from 168, 061 to 264,184 cases).

Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania have not been recording activity of the Coronavirus pandemic in their countries. 

1,185 new COVID-19 related deaths were registered, with 818 (69%) of the deaths recorded in South Africa. 

Three countries (Eritrea, Seychelles, Namibia and Uganda) have not registered any COVID-19 related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, while Lesotho and Namibia recorded their first deaths this week.

The countries reporting high numbers of deaths so far are: South Africa with 3,971; Egypt recorded 3,769 Algeria recorded 1,004; Nigeria recorded 724 and Sudan recorded 650. 

Of the 581,595 Covid-19 cases reported, 287,924 (51%) have recovered from across all the 47 countries in Africa. 

South Africa

Gauteng has now overtaken Western Cape as the hotspot of the Coronavirus in South Africa. 

There was an increase in the number of cases by 13 497 to bring the country’s total number of coronavirus cases to 264 184.

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The number of recoveries is 127 715, which translates to a recovery rate of 48, 4%.More than a third of cases are in new hot spot of Gauteng province, which includes Johannesburg and capital, Pretoria.

Oxfam highlighted that South Africa is one of the countries that has been identified as an emerging epicentre of hunger together with middle income countries such as India and Brazil‚Äē where millions of people who were barely managing have been tipped over the edge by the pandemic.
According to a media briefing, 12 000 people could die per day by year end as a result of the hunger linked to Covid-19. 

In the mining sector, the number of positive coronavirus cases confirmed within the sector so far suggests the spread is not easing, with 1,559 active cases at the last count, while 1,166 workers have recovered.

At least 14 mineworkers have died from COVID-19. Of the 14 deaths, seven were in the North West province where the highest number of infections was recorded. Six of the 14 mine workers who have died in different operations across the country were employees of Impala Platinum (Implats).

Zimbabwean Statistics.

Zimbabwe recorded 11 new deaths during the week under review, to bring the total number of deaths to 18.

A total of 365 new cases were recorded to bring the total number of confirmed cases to 982. 320 cases have been reported to have recovered and the number of active cases is at 644 cases are still active. 

Returnees have constituted to the biggest chunk of the confirmed cases although there has been a rise in the number of local transmissions. 

The capital city Harare remains the epicenter of the disease with 288 confirmed cases and 204 active cases. The province has a total of 8 deaths and 76 recoveries. 

Bulawayo has the second highest number of cases with a cumulative of 183 and 137 active cases. The death toll in the province stands at 7. 

Matabeleland South has the third highest number with 159 cases and 137 active cases as there are 22 recoveries. 

Mashonaland Central has the lowest number of cases as there are 11 confirmed cases. 

A total of 88,436 (52 037 RDT and 36 399 PCR) tests have been conducted nationwide.


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