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Coronavirus Analysis-African Continent

  Africa Southern Africa
Confirmed cases 362,616 129,591
Number of deaths 9,317     2,388
Recoveries 175,652 65,446
Active cases 177,647 61,042
Total Tests   1,687,733

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve in the WHO African Region, with the numbers of new cases and deaths rapidly increasing between countries. Many governments are gradually easing their lockdown restrictions, including the reopening of businesses and the gradual reopening of schools; however, restrictions on border crossings and flight operations largely remain in effect
Since the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak was first detected in the WHO African Region in Algeria on 25 February 2020, the outbreak continues to evolve with rising incidence cases and associated deaths, although with decreasing case fatality rates. An additional 74,648 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (a21% increase) were reported from 44 countries. Of the 74,648 reported new cases in the region, 87% of the cases were recorded in South Africa. During the week under review, five countries in the region observed the highest percentage increase in cases: Namibia112% (from34to 121 cases), Mauritania 65% (from 1 887to 3 121cases), Benin 60% (from 532to 850 cases), Botswana 98% (from 48 to 92 cases) and Malawi42% (from 481 to 1005 cases).
Seychelles has reported zero new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 77 days, respectively. Although Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea have no new confirmed cases in the last 47 and 34 days, respectively. Lesotho and Mauritius reported new cases after 20 and 17 days of zero reporting respectively.
From 20 to 26 June 2020, 1,005 deaths were reported from 47 countries: South Africa reported the highest number, of 986 new deaths in this reporting period. Five countries have not registered any COVID-19 related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the region: Eritrea, Seychelles, Lesotho, Namibia and Uganda. South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria and Cameroon account for 74% of the total deaths reported in the region. Countries reporting high numbers of deaths are: South Africa 2,340 (25%), Egypt 2,620(28%), Algeria 861 (9%), Nigeria 554 (6%), Cameroon 313 (3%), Democratic Republic of the Congo 572 (6%).
Zimbabwean Statistics
Zimbabwe recorded an increase of 82 cases from 479 to 561. Two new deaths were recorded and the death toll now stands at 6. The number of recoveries is now at 135, which is an increase by 72 cases from the previously reported 63 cases. The number of active cases is now at 420.
The two deaths that were recorded in Bulawayo and the Midlands province.
Harare remains the epicenter of the disease with 212 confirmed cases and 146 active cases. The province has the highest number of recoveries of 64.
Midlands has the second highest number of confirmed cases of 55 and they have 38 active cases.
The Masvingo province has 53 confirmed cases and the second highest number of recoveries with 15 and 38 active cases.
Mashonaland Central has the lowest number of cases as there are 7 confirmed cases.
A total of 65 704 (36 527 RDT and 29 177 PCR) tests have been conducted nationwide.

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