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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsTotal Recovered
World1,853,357+1,100 ‚Äč114,253423,692
Spain166,831 17,20962,391
Italy156,363 19,89934,211
France132,591 14,39327,186
Germany127,854 3,02260,300
South Africa2,173+14525410
Zambia43 230
Mozambique21  2
Zimbabwe14 3 
Botswana13 1 
Eswatini14  7

Cases worldwide are 1,853,357 with 114,253 deaths. The United States of America has the highest number of deaths with 22, 115 and Italy has the second highest with 19, 899 cases. Italy recording its lowest death toll in three weeks on Sunday. 

China reported 108 new cases, its highest number in weeks Рalmost all were imported.

South African has the highest number of confirmed cases in Africa with 2,173 and they witnessed a 145 rise in the number of cases recorded. Gauteng remains the epicenter of the virus with 865 cases, followed by the Western Cape with 587 confirmed cases and KwaZulu-Natal 443 cases.

Cases in Zambia increased by 3 to make them 43 with 2 deaths and 30 have been reported to have recovered from the virus. 

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Zimbabwean statistics have not recorded any changes from the 14 positive cases reported on the 12th of April. 

Mozambique recorded one positive case of Covid-19 to make the total number of cases 21 and Eswatini also recorded an increase by 2 positive cases of the pandemic. 

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