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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsTotal Recovered
World2,182,823 ‚Äč+1,515145,551547,679
Spain184,948 19,31574,797
Italy168,941 22,17040,164
France165,027 17,92032,812
Germany137,698 4,05277,000
South Africa2,605+9948903
Zambia48 230
Mozambique31 2 
Eswatini16 18
Botswana15 1 

Confirmed cases of the Covid-19 pandemic are now 2,182,823and the total number of deaths globally is now at 145,551. Recovered patients are now over 500, 000. The United States still has the highest number of infections and highest death toll. President Trump has suggested some states could reopen this month.

In Africa, Egypt has the highest number of cases of 2,673 with a death toll of 196 and recovered cases stands at 596. 

South Africa’s cases increased by 99 to make them 2,605 while the death toll also increased by 14 to make it 48 in total. This is the highest death toll since the outbreak of the pandemic. 95 060tests have been done.

South Africa has eased the lockdown regulations; cigarette and alcohol ban has not been lifted, some hardware and car-part stores will be able to open only for emergency supplies and one can call out emergency workers like plumbers and electricians. 

Zimbabwe recorded 1 new positive case to make the total number of cases 24 and two patients have so far recovered. 

Mozambique had two new cases to make the cases 31 and 2 have recovered from the virus. 

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Eswatini recorded its first death yesterday and the number of cases increased by 1 to make them 16.  

China’s virus-hit economy shrinks for first time in decades

China’s economy shrank for the first time in decades in the first quarter of the year, as the virus forced factories and businesses to close. The world’s second biggest economy contracted 6.8% according to official data. 

Health and Wellness Tip of the Day‚ÄĘ If you are working from home, your workstation may not be ergonomically sound. Ensure that you are able to sit upright, with your laptop at least 50cm away from your eyes

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