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Global Statistics

Country Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Total Recovered
World 2,407,600 +1,025 165,083 +52 625,312
USA 764,265   40,565   71,012
Spain 198,674   20,453   77,357
Italy 178,972   23,660   47,055
France 152,894   19,718   36,578
Germany 145,742   4,642   88,000
South Africa 3,158 +124 54 +2 903
Zambia 61 +4 3   33
Mozambique 39       8
Zimbabwe 25   3   2
Eswatini 22   1   8
Botswana 20   1    

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is now at 2,407,600; there were 75.150 new cases recorded yesterday and 4,300 new deaths to bring the total number of deaths to 165,083.

South Africa’s number of new cases increased by 124 to bring the total number to 3,158. The country has gone back to having the highest number of confirmed cases in Africa. 2 deaths were recorded bringing the total death toll to 54.

There was no new positive case recorded in Zimbabwe and the country is still recording 25 cases after 225 tests were conducted. Zimbabwe had so far conducted 2 851 tests. The death toll remains unchanged.

A total of 90 clinicians drawn from the country’s’ top public and private hospitals completed training in Covid-19 case management.

Zambia’s cases increased by 4 to bring the total number of cases to 61 with no new deaths recorded.   

Eswatini cases remain unchanged.

Protesters have taken to the streets in states across the US, demanding that governors reopen economies shut by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Rallies in Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Washington state took place on Sunday, following earlier protests in half a dozen states.

Agitation for easing restrictions has grown, despite the risk of a Covid-19 resurgence posed by reopening too soon.

US President Donald Trump has signalled support for the protests.

The US has become the centre of the Covid-19 crisis, with over 735,000 cases and some 40,000 deaths – but signs have emerged that it is reaching the apex of the outbreak and that infection rates are slowing in some states.

Health tip of the day : Eating and sleeping well is good for mental and physical health.

Metal Prices Asia/Europe/NY markets

 NB: Prices from the 17th of April 2020 still stand as markets will open on after 5 hours.

GOLD 1704.70 1705.70 -12.10 1699.20 1707.80
SILVER 15.35 15.45 -0.15 15.30 15.48
PLATINUM 778.00 783.00 -6.00 769.00 783.00
PALLADIUM 2118.00 2268.00 +23.00 2112.00 2268.00
RHODIUM 6000.00 9000.00 0.00


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