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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal Recovered
World2,994,960 +73,858206,997+3,751878,955
South Africa4,546+18587+11,473
Zambia88+43 42
Mozambique76+6  12
Eswatini59+3 110
Zimbabwe31 4 2
Botswana22 1  

The number of cases worldwide is now at 2,994,960 and 73,858new cases recorded yesterday. 26,509 new cases were recorded in USA and 1,157 new deaths were recorded. 

185 new cases were recorded in South Africa to bring the total number of cases to 4,546; one new death was recorded to bring the death toll to 87. 

Zimbabwean statistics remain unchanged. 

Mozambique and Zambia both recorded increases in the number of new cases of 6 and 4 respectively. Mozambique now has 76 cases and Zambia has 88. 

PPE from China

China has confiscated over 89 million poor quality face masks, a government official said on Sunday, as Beijing faces a slew of complaints about faulty protective gear exported worldwide.

Demand for protective equipment has soared as nations across the globe battle the deadly coronavirus, which has infected around 2.9 million people.

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A number of countries have complained about faulty masks and other products exported by China, mostly for use by medicalworkers and vulnerable groups. 

China’s market regulators had inspected nearly 16 million businesses and seized over 89 million masks and 418 000 pieces of protective gear as of Friday, said Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Market Regulation, at a press conference.

Health & Wellness• According to WHO, there is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from Covid-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. • Age, gender and other health issues all increase the risk of becoming more seriously ill from Covid-19.• Recovery time will depend on how sick you became in the first place. Some people will shrug off the illness fast, but for others it could leave lasting problems.• Most people who get Covid-19 will develop only the main symptoms – a cough or fever. But they could experience body aches, fatigue, sore throat and headache.

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