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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal Recovered
World3,401,318+94,552 239,614+5,6241,081,705
South Africa5,951+304116+132,382
Zambia109+33 74
Mozambique79+3  12
Zimbabwe34 4 5
Botswana23 1 8

Cases of the Covid-19 pandemic are now at 3,401,318, with 94,552 new cases recorded worldwide. 

There were 304 new cases in South Africa, to bring the total number of cases to 5,951. A total of 13 new deaths were recorded yesterday to bring the total death toll to 116. 

Zimbabwe has reviewed the number of cases down to 34 from the previous 40 cases recorded, this is after 6 cases were retested and came out negative

Zambia recorded 3 new cases to bring the total number of cases to 109.
Eswatini has continued to witness a surge in cases, 6 were recorded yesterday to bring the total cases in the country to 106. 

Zimbabwe Extends Coronavirus Lockdown Again, Announces $720 Million stimulus.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa extended a nationwide lockdown to fight the new coronavirus by two more weeks and announced a $720 million stimulus package for distressed companies, most which will be allowed to reopen on Monday. 

He said the 18 billion Zimbabwe dollar stimulus package ($720 million), which is just more than a quarter of this year’s national budget, would also benefit smaller businesses which are hardest hit by the lockdown. 
Health workers would not be taxed for the next six months to boost their earnings, the president said.

Looking after Children during Lockdown

Below are a number of recommendations to families, health professionals, teachers and policy-makers on promoting healthy activity:

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• Take the opportunity to go outdoors, while observing distancing regulations

• Incorporate physical activity into children’s daily routines — supported by use of electronic media — and breaking up extended sedentary periods every 30 to 60 minutes; families should also be encouraged to join in while observing distancing regulations.

• Keep children’s bedtime and rising time consistent, keeping screens out of the rooms where they sleep and avoiding screen use before bedtime.

• Promoting healthy movement behaviours in children as part of response strategies and public messages.

• Regular media messages promoting physical activity.

Metal Prices Asia/Europe/NY markets

Markets will reopen on the 4th of May 2020




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