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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal Recovered
South Africa12,739+665238+195,676
Zambia654+2087 124
Tanzania509 21 183
Eswatini187+32 51
Mozambique115+11  35
Malawi63+63 24
Zimbabwe37 4 13
Botswana24 1 17

Confirmed cases worldwide are now at 4, 527, 127; as 96,334new cases were recorded yesterday and the total death toll is now at 303, 413.

However cases that have been reported are now at 1, 705, 815. The USA still has the highest number of new cases with 27, 274 and Brazil with 13,761 recorded the second highest new cases. 

South Africa’s cases increased by 665 to bring the total number of cases to 12,739. 19 new deaths were recorded to bring the total number of deaths to 238. 5,676 cases have been reported to have recovered. 

There are now 4,429,810 cases of the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide and 1,659,791 cases have been recorded to have recovered. The death toll world over is now at 298,174. 

Brazil reported another new record number of cases of 11,555 in 24 hours. 

There were 724 new cases that were reported in South Africa and the total number of cases is now at 12, 074. 
President Cyril Ramaphosa announced South Africa will be moving to Level 3 lockdown by the end of May, with certain areas most affected by the coronavirus outbreak remaining at Level 4.

The government would in the coming days announce certain changes to Level 4 regulations to expand permitted business activities in the retail space and e-commerce and reduce restrictions on exercise, Ramaphosa said.

Lesotho confirmed its index case of COVID-19 in a press release issued on May 13. The country becomes the last on the continent to record a case. 

The mountainous kingdom has become the last African country to register the virus. The Health Ministry confirmed the case after conducting 597 tests so far. 

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Malawi recorded 6 new cases to bring the total number of cases to 63 and 3 deaths have been reported. 

Zimbabwe’s statistics remain unchanged at 37. 

The UN says the pandemic has caused widespread psychological distress worldwide.

It calls on all countries to make mental health support a key part of their virus response. “The isolation, the fear, the uncertainty, the economic turmoil – they all cause or could cause psychological distress,” said Devora Kestel, director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) mental health department.

Emerging studies and surveys are already showing COVID-19’s impact on mental health globally. Psychologists say children are anxious and increases in cases of depression and anxiety have been recorded in several countries. 

Domestic violence is rising, and health workers are reporting an increased need for psychological support.

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