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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesTotal Tests
India 150,793+5,8434,344+17264,27782,1723,126,119
South Africa24,264+649524+4312,74110,999605,991
Zambia920 7 33657720,011
Tanzania509 21 183305 
Eswatini261+52 164954,994
Mozambique213+41 71 9,036
Malawi101 4 37603,372
Zimbabwe56 4 252737,474
Botswana35 1 20147,513
Lesotho2    2283

There are now 5,686,282 cases of Covid-19 have been reported worldwide and the death toll is now at 352,227. Cases that have been reported to have recovered are now 2,430,788 worldwide. 

The death toll in the USA is now at 100,572 with 774 new deaths recorded yesterday. The total number of cases stands at 1,725,275 and 479,969 cases have been reported to have recovered. 

Latin America has become the centre of the global pandemic, the head of the Pan American Health Organization warns. The region now has more daily reported cases of Covid-19 than Europe and the US. 

For two days now, Brazil’s daily new deaths surpassed those in the United States. 

South Africa recorded a decline in the number of new cases yesterday as there were 649 cases to bring the total number of cases to 24, 264. 
The country has conducted a total of 605,991tests. 

Egypt recorded the highest number of new infections of 789 to bring the total number of cases to 18, 756. 5,027 cases have been reported to have recovered. 

Statistics in Zimbabwe remain unchanged after 37,474 tests were conducted nationwide. 

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Coronavirus: Which health claims are circulating online?

• The flu vaccine won’t put you at greater risk of Covid-19-A widely shared Facebook post claims if you’ve had a flu jab you’re significantly more likely to contract Covid-19. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no evidence that a flu jab increases your risk of contracting Covid-19.

• Prolonged wearing of face masks is not harmful-Another misleading article being shared on social media claims the prolonged wearing of masks is dangerous to health. The claim first appeared online in Spanish and was circulated widely in South and Central America.

• Smoking doesn’t help ward off the virus-There’s no evidence that they’re less likely to be at risk from Covid-19, but there are plenty of articles that suggest they might be.

But the WHO says: “There is currently insufficient information to confirm any link between tobacco ornicotine in the prevention or treatment of Covid-19.”

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